Inductive Method For CTET Pedagogy, DELEd, BEd, UPTET

                 Inductive Method of Teaching

Inductive Method For CTET Pedagogy

Inductive Method For CTET Pedagogy: Inductive Method is an important method of classroom teaching.

In this method, the first examples are given during the presentation of the content and then the general principle is presented.

Following are the salient features of Inductive Method.

 1- From Example to Rule
 2- From Concrete to Abstract
 3- From Specific to General
 4- From Known to Unknown
 5- From Tangible to Intangible
 6- From Direct to Proof

Inductive method is often considered to be a fatigue learning method as it has a long teaching process.

Aristotle gave the Concept of Inductive method.

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